Contact for IT outsourcing services


As outsourcing is not a new phenomenon it basically involves the assignment of in-house work to the outside vendor. Outsourcing specialist helps you in reducing your workload and will bring efficiency in your organisations. Outsource specialist of skyf.IT works with better technology as we involve better systems, networks and technical services. If you and your organisation have important work to do, in which you want to work first and rest of the work which is not that important, than in that case you can avail our services with best technologies at lower rates. And we also offered skilled professionals at lower rates too.

DC outsourcing brings the financial and operational assistance in your business as it involves day to day provisioning and management of computing and storage resources to the third party. DC operator outsourcing takes care of power and space challenges and provides flexibility for expansion of growth platform.


In enterprise various application software can be employed, we are the application service provider basically it is computer based services to our valuable customers. We specialize in providing the application packaging services. We specialize in application performance testing, ascertain the how the components of system are performing. Reliability or scalability of the product will also be tested by our professionals as it includes in this testing. Our professionals also equipped with the automation tools and they have full knowledge of application load testing as it includes, test the system by steadily increasing the load on the system to the threshold limit basically called as endurance testing.


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