Check performance online for application testing, contracting and IT staff


Application performance testing having a full range of application, packaging services & distribution with the Sky &F. They have ability to do work quickly and delivered all the applications on time, managed the efficient things like workspaces. It’s your choice to decide deploy virtually or desktop.  The Sky &F are specialized in installing packaging of applications. Providing packaged application for entertainment or government, it’s up on you that what type of packaging you want like complex business line application or for the organization.

world in our hands

DC Collection has unique ideas, flexible deliver services to your organization by using such skills: DC Collocation, DC Operations, DC Outstanding, and capabilities. To achieve efficiency & agility for a growth of your business. It includes some infrastructure of services i.e. Microsoft solution service, enterprise security service, etc.

IT Contract staff work 24/7 for providing the best service, host and deliver the product to you on time. They managed the hosting services to shared the cloud solutions also have the internal capability to manage the IT things like cost effectiveness, etc.


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